AHRC Member Responsibilities

What is Expected from Anaheim Hills Rotary Club Members?


Dear Prospective Member:

The Anaheim Hills Rotary Club, like any Rotary club, or most other organizations for that matter, wishes to grow its membership. However, membership in Rotary is by invitation. We welcome people who are interested in Rotary to come to one or more of our meetings, meet our members, and learn what we do and what Rotary is all about. And while this affords the prospective member the opportunity to decide if Rotary is right for him or her, it also allows our club members to learn about you and who you are.

Once you are nominated for membership by an AHRC member in good standing, you will be asked to fill out a membership application. What follows is a process whereby first the board votes to recommend you for membership… and then the general membership completes the process with their votes. The last step is an induction and a welcome from your new family of Rotary.

AHRC, like most of the other 32,000 Rotary clubs located in over 200 countries and regions around the world, meets once a week. We meet every Thursday evening at the Clubhouse at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course. Our meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and end promptly at 8:00 p.m.

There was a time, not too long ago, when Rotary pushed the issue of 100% attendance. A Rotarian was expected to attend ALL Rotary club meetings, and if a meeting was missed, a “make up meeting” at another club’s weekly meeting, or at another club event (fund raiser, community service event, board meeting), District meeting or Rotary International meeting was expected.

Candidly, attending a Rotary function each week, even when traveling on business or on vacation, is not difficult to do; there are over 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide! Rotary is the largest and oldest service club in the world, having originated in Chicago in 1905.

Even though 100% meeting attendance is urged, we realize that in today’s crazy-busy world, many of us have more on our plates than it often seems possible to handle. Adding another meeting each week may not sound like a desirable commitment. And so, what we would like from our members is to try to attend at least two meetings a month. If some months that becomes impossible, we understand… we are all much more alike than we are different. However, if Rotary meeting attendance consistently falls below two meetings per month, it becomes too difficult to honestly get to know what Rotary is all about, who we Rotarians really are, and where you fit in.

Members who become little more than a name on a roster are doing Rotary, those many people who need Rotary’s assistance, and candidly, the slacking member himself or herself little good.

If you become more like the typical Rotarian, once you begin to get increasingly involved with the weekly meetings, humanitarian projects, community issues and social activities, you will be “hooked,” and look forward to as many Rotary functions as you can squeeze into your busy schedule. You’ll see… Rotary will begin to move up a bit on your list of priorities.

Of course we want to find people who are interested in giving back to others, some of what society has given them, but we are realists and understand that members join Rotary for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes those reasons may be to advance one’s own business with club member contacts; that’s certainly not a bad thing. Rotarians enjoy doing business with other Rotarians. Yet still, we hope that business growth would be a side benefit of becoming a Rotarian. Our wish is that your desire to contribute to the well being of the community, to help those less fortunate, and to strive toward achieving The Rotary Foundation’s mission statement of contributing to world peace and understanding, would be the primary reasons for accepting an invitation to join a Rotary club.

When you visit the Anaheim Hills Rotary Club, you will most certainly learn about the many projects and events in which we are involved. We expect all of our members to participate in as many of these events as they can. If a member’s participation cannot be on the day of the event, then there is always plenty of other support that is needed (your ideas, planning, telephone calls, correspondence to write, contacts to make, etc.) both before and after the event date. There is always something to do to help.

If I can answer any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or write to me. My cell number is 714/272-3171. And, of course, my e-mail address is dchotsmiles@aol.com.  Darren Chu, Membership Chairperson.

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