Club Service


Club Service is Rotary’s first avenue of service. It is service by members for the operational workings of their Rotary Club; it is that service that “makes the Rotary Wheel turn” by providing the basic needs for AHRC.  This avenue of service focuses primarily on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the club.

The following committees may be appointed to coordinate particular phases of club service:

ATTENDANCE: This committee encourages regular attendance, make-ups for missed meetings, promotes incentives, finds remedies for poor attendance if and when necessary, and may recommend dismissals for failure to meet the responsibilities of being a Rotarian.

FELLOWSHIP: This committee promotes acquaintance and fellowship, and creates an atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality to members, guests and visiting Rotarians.  The Fellowship Committee also helps to keep the membership advised of birthdays, anniversaries, special honors to members and those ill or disabled.

PROGRAMS: This committee is an integral part of the heart of every good club.  It prepares and arranges the programs and interesting speakers for each meeting.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: This committee continuously reviews the club roster of filled and unfilled classifications and presents the names of suitable persons for membership to the Board of Directors.

CLASSIFICATION: This committee is responsible for determining the eligibility for membership from the standpoint of the classificaition principle, remembering that classifications are determined by service to society rather than by position.

MEMBERSHIP: This committee evaluates a prospective member’s character and reputation (both personal and occupation related).  Examples of what this committee reviews would include – is the proposed member “service minded,” can the proposed member attend weekly meetings, and does the proposed member understand and agree to abide by the obligations of being a Rotarian… including financial obligations?

ROTARY INFORMATION: This committee is responsible for keeping both new and veteran Rotary club members informed of the privileges and obligations of Rotary.  This is an ongoing program regarding the workings of the Rotary club, the district, and Rotary International.  A district library of videos and slides is maintained to provide Rotary information.

Many and varied committees fall under the guidance of CLUB SERVICE, examples of which would include – in addition to the above: The weekly newsletter, house keeping-regalia-venue selection, The Rotary Foundation, social events, and public relations.   Additional committees and/or committee members may be appointed from time to time as deemed appropriate.

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