“Every Rotarian Every Year”

There are thousands of charitable organizations working throughout the world that make a positive impact on people in need. But, your Rotary Foundation is the only charitable organization funded by contributions from Rotarians, for programs and projects indentified by Rotarians, and administered by Rotarians at the project site. The Rotary Foundation is YOU. — “EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR.”

“Every Rotarian Every Year” is a Rotary Foundation program that asks every Rotarian to contribute something to TRF each Rotary Year.

When you contribute US$100.00 or more each year to the Foundation’s Annual Fund (AF), you become a Foundation “SUSTAINING MEMBER.” Your generosity enables Rotarians to work together across oceans and vast terrain to find innovative solutions to complex problems that plague villagers in remote areas, as well as city dwellers.

US$100.00 can buy tuition and books for one year of school for two children in Kenya. US$500.00 can buy a ten-month food supply for a child in Guatemala. US$1,000.00 can provide clean drinking water for over 300 people in India.

For the first time in The Rotary Foundation’s history, contributions to the Annual Fund exceeded US$100 million in 2006-2007, reaching US$103.3 million. In Rotary year 2012-2013 the Annual Fund set another record, exceeding US$115.1 million.  Contributions to the Annual Fund have been well over US$100 million every year since.

Once again the Anaheim Hills Rotary Club – for Rotary Year 2015-2016 attained the recognition of becoming a 100% EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) club; all 23 members contributed to TRF.

The real success, however, will be spelled out in the programs and projects that can now be funded as a result of this increased support.  Can we… and more importantly, can those who need Rotary’s help and support… count on YOU again next year?  I’m betting you’ll come through once again.


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