Rotary Leadership – How it Flows

A Rotary leadership flow chart, from one of the nearly 33,000 clubs around the world (approximately 1.2 million Rotarians) to the President and Board of Directors of Rotary International, would show something like the following.

  • Anaheim Hills Rotary Club President: Scott Day
  • Anaheim Hills Rotary Club President-elect: Jonelle Strickland
  • District 5320 Governor: Ray Sanford (Irvine R.C.)
  • District 5320 Governor-elect: Ian Hicks (Yorba Linda Sunrise R.C.)
  • District 5320 Governor-nominee: Lucy Walther (Irvine R.C.)
  • District 5320 Governor-nominee Designate:  TBD
  • Rotary International President: John F. Germ  (Chattanooga, TN)
  • Rotary International President-elect: Ian Riseley (Victoria, Australia)
  • The Rotary Foundation Chairman: Kalyan Banerjee (Gujarat, India)

The “backbone” of Rotary is The Rotary Foundation. TRF has a chairman, vice chairman, chairman-elect and 12 trustees, all appointed by the R.I. President with the approval of the R.I. Board of Directors.

The General Secretariat of Rotary International is John Hewko.

The headquarters of Rotary International is in Evanston, Illinois. There are 7 international offices around the world; they are located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea and Switzerland. Serving clubs in Great Britain and Ireland is the R.I. office (RIBI) located in England.

There are 19 members on the Rotary International Board of Directors, including the president, president-elect, vice president and treasurer.

Each of the R.I. directors is assigned 1 or more of 34 Rotary zones (each zone is comprised of approximately 35,000 Rotarians.

For additional information, spend some time on the Rotary International website The more you learn about Rotary, the more you like Rotary and the better Rotarian you become. Enjoy!

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