TRF – Follow the Money

The Rotary Foundation is one of the few foundations that gives away 100% of its annual programs collected contributions. Contributions from any one year are invested for three years before being allocated for programs. Only investment earnings are used for administrative costs.

After the three year investment period, 50% of the donated funds from three years earlier are returned to the Rotary districts from which they came. The other 50% is used for World Fund programs.

Here is an example:

Approximately US$84 million was contributed to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Programs Fund (APF) in 2004-2005.

In Rotary year, 2007-2008, approximately US$42 million of the above US$84 million will be distributed to the World Fund and US$42 million will be returned to the Districts from which the money was collected. Our District 5320 received back, for our 2007-2008 District budget (District Designated Funds – DDF), 50% of what we contributed to APF in 2004-2005.

For the Rotary year 2006-2007, District 5320 alone contributed over $450,000.00. Therefore, in Rotary year 2009-2010, District 5320 will be receiving, from TRF, an amount of money in excess of $225,000.00 (DDF) for use by our District and by our District 5320 clubs.

In Rotary year 2006-2007, The Rotary Foundation realized contributions to its Annual Funds Programs from around the world, a record amount of generosity in excess of US$103.3 million!

Our District 5320 may use its DDF to fund the District portion of Matching Grants, District Simplified Grants, any number of a variety of scholarships (Ambassadorial, University Teachers, GSE Teams, etc.), and/or a host of other humanitarian uses left to the discretion of the District leadership with input from District 5320 clubs.

District Designated Funds are used for such things as:

  • District Designated Grants (DSG)
  • 3-H Grants
  • Blane Grants
  • Academic Year Ambassadorial Scholarships (US$25,000)
  • Multi-year Ambassadorial Scholarships (US$25,000)
  • 3-Month Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships (US$12,000)
  • 6-Month Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships (US$19,000)
  • 3-5 Month Rotary Grants for University Teachers (US$12,500)
  • 6-10 Month Rotary Grants for University Teachers (US$22,500)
  • Same Year Group Study Exchange (GSE) (US$11,000)
  • Same Year Neighboring Country GSE (US$6,000)
  • GSE Additional Team Member (US$2,000)
  • DDF Donation to another District
  • PolioPlus Contribution
  • Permanent Fund Contribution
  • And More….

These are some of the wonderful things Rotary does to promote world peace and understanding.

The good that Rotary does in the community, the state, the country and around the world is truly multi-level, multi-faceted, deep and far reaching. “Awe inspiring” would certainly be a fair and appropriate term to use to describe Rotary’s work.

Wouldn’t you think that EVERYONE would want to become a Rotarian if only someone told them about Rotary and gave them the opportunity to make a difference / lend a hand / and lead the way. Someone encouraged you to become a Rotarian, why don’t you pass on that good deed my encouraging someone else?

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